​August 7-11, 2017 • Fort Lauderdale • Florida
Co-Hosted by: The State of Florida & the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration
~ Fort Lauderdale Harbor Beach Marriott ~ 




​38th Bi-Annual USCRTF Meeting in S. Florida!

The USCRTF Meeting relies on the valued financial support provided by its sponsors in the United States coral reef jurisdictions to stage a high quality and impactful meeting that addresses management-driven science protecting coral reefs in Florida, across the US, and around the world. You and your company or organization can help make history by supporting the August 2017 38th Bi-Annual USCRTF Meeting at a level that suits your desire and budget. Sponsorship can be provided as a tax-deductible* donation to a dedicated 501c3 nonprofit organization helping to plan the events.

General Sponsorship Benefits Include (but not limited to):

- A unique opportunity to partner your brand with the 38th Bi-Annual USCRTF Meeting in S. Florida.

- Connect with key leaders, policymakers, stakeholders, scientists, and students involved with coral reef management, science, and conservation in Florida and from around the nation and world.

- The opportunity to demonstrate your company/organization’s positive environmental and social values which will in turn be widely acknowledged to the meeting participants and all connected

- Highlight your identity and work to Federal, State, and County leadership, as well as regional reef conservation organizations.

- Learn how your work fits into the larger marine conversation community and the ongoing conversations.

- Align your brand with a solution-oriented event that transcends traditional divides and brings all aspects of coral reef conservation together to strategize and advocate for best policies and practices.

- Receive a tax deduction* if your sponsorship donation is provided to one of the 501c3 nonprofit partners.

General Sponsorship packages and their associated benefits are detailed HERE or click the PDF image below. In addition to underwriting funds, we are looking for various In-Kind support. We would be happy to work with you to develop a unique sponsorship package that helps you create the most meaningful impact.  


For more information and/or to discuss the sponsorship options,  please

contact Scott Sheckman at Friends of Our Florida Reefs via Email at: scott.sheckman(at), or by phone at: 310-741-7617.  

Deadline for print inclusion is July 14, 2017!


South Florida is the only location in the continental U.S. that features a living coral reef ecosystem, comprised of over 330 miles of vital reefs starting in lower Martin County, extending south along the coasts of Palm Beach, Broward, Miami-Dade and Monroe counties through the Florida Keys to the Dry Tortugas.

Florida’s reefs are a national and world treasure, but they are also challenged for existence from numerous threats including pollution, bleaching, climate change, disease, incompatible fishing pressure, and damage to habitat and structure. 

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​​​The United States Coral Reef Task Force (USCRTF was established in 1998 by Presidential Executive Order to lead U.S. efforts to preserve and protect coral reef ecosystems. The USCRTF includes leaders of twelve federal agencies, seven U.S. States, Territories, and Commonwealths, as well as three Freely Associated States. The USCRTF helps build partnerships, strategies, and support for on-the-ground action to conserve coral reefs.

For almost 20 years, the USCRTF has been meeting bi-annually in Washington, D.C. and rotating between US coral reef jurisdictions including Florida, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Hawaii, American Samoa, Guam, and the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands. The jurisdictional USCRTF meetings bring together local community members and national practitioners to highlight cross-cutting priority management topics. In August 2017, the USCRTF meeting will return to South Florida, hosted by the State of Florida, and co-chaired by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the U.S. Department of the Interior – this will be the Task Force’s first visit to Florida since 2011 and 2004. Approximately 250 people are expected to attend this meeting and may include state and county politicians, federal and state policymakers and agencies, and of course, many dedicated expert coral reef scientists and stakeholders.

Overall, the USCRTF is working to preserve and protect the biodiversity, health, heritage, and social and economic value of U.S. coral reef ecosystems and the marine environment against the environmental and social impacts that are causing their decline. During the August 2017 USCRTF meeting, regional and national ocean experts will discuss and explore existing and new avenues for solutions to the multitude of challenges facing our nation’s precious reefs, highlighting the Florida Reef Tract. The theme for the upcoming August 2017 USCRTF meeting will focus on the many different values of our ecologically and economically important coral reef resources.

Throughout the week, there will be working meetings for jurisdictional representatives, federal agencies, and the USCRTF Steering Committee, all culminating in the Business Meeting on Friday, August 11th. Many USCRTF activities and programs are open to the public including receptions, workshops, field trips, exhibits for attendees, and the Business Meeting; however, registration is required. Depending on sponsorship success, public participation may be first come first served.
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