Welcome Back to School 2019!

Our partners at the FDEP Coral Reef Conservation Program (FDEP CRCP) has an exciting opportunity for educators in Miami-Dade, Broward, Palm Beach, and Martin counties.

If you are interested in teaching your students about our local coral reefs, the FDEP CRCP will send you a specially made SCHOOL TRUNK filled with amazing posters, reef replicas, lesson plans, movies, and books that your class/school can KEEP FOR A MONTH FOR FREE, INCLUDING ALL SHIPPING TO/FROM THE SCHOOL!

The School Trunks are customized for elementary or middle school students, and can also be modified for high school levels. Friends of Our FL Reefs helps keep the trunks fully supplied and plentiful.

To reserve a free month with a school trunk, please send an email to the FDEP CRCP at:  Coral@FloridaDEP.gov with the following info:

-Full name of teacher
-Teacher telephone & email or school phone number
-School name and mailing address
-Grade level(s)
-Number of students expected to use the trunk contents

Feel free to email Coral@FloridaDEP.gov if you have any starter questions.

Parents and/or Students - please feel free to share this with your teachers/schools.

If interested, please inquire/book soon - these School Trunks get booked quickly and supplies are limited.

Get Your Classroom/School a FREE SCHOOL TRUNK for a MONTH!